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What Sets Me Apart

I will admit, I did not grow up planning on becoming a wedding planner. I never even considered it as a career path for myself. It wasn’t until I met this guy (who I now happen to call my husband) when the world of weddings was introduced to me.

I have learned when it comes to any event there are three different types of people in this world: front-stage people, back-stage people, and I-just-like-to-watch people. As much fun as it is to be front-stage, or to even watch an event, I personally have always been fascinated with what is happening back-stage – who is doing what, when, where, and how. I love seeing the big picture as opposed to a single part. Perhaps this is why I have come to love wedding planning, and why I am good at what I do.

Since I did not approach the wedding industry with any forward knowledge of how planners “usually” work, I ended up approaching it with how I believed planners should work. I always ask myself, “What would I want from a planner?” These are the expectations I then set for myself, and have passed along to all of my clients.

1.) Always be reliable and responsive

I have been asked many times “aren’t wedding stressful?” and my answer is always “I don’t usually get stressed out at weddings because no matter what things will work out.” From my experience, there is a natural flow to weddings that I understand and can expect because I have done so many. However, for each of my clients, their wedding is their first and only one they will plan. On top of that, it is the most important day of their lives. Uncertainty creeps in, last minute changes happen, and anxiety heightens. So, I do my best to give each of my clients the attention they need to feel confident their wedding is in good hands by being reliable and available to respond quickly. If the wedding is important to them, then it is important to me.

2.) Be a resource

As a professional in the wedding industry – particularly as a planner – it is my job to be a resource to my clients. There are so many different venues, so many different vendors, and so many different ways to put things together that it can be hard to filter through all of the information. How do you really know what vendors are reliable? How do you really know the pros and cons of certain venue types? As a planner it is my job to have a clear understanding of how vendors and venues work individually and together. Remember…… I like to look at the big picture!

ALSO……. I now offer rental décor, signs, and personalized items for my clients!

3.) Be present at each wedding

I will say, the only reason I am able to be a resource to my clients is because I am present at each wedding I work. And I don’t mean I am there in some room available if someone needs me. No, I am working the wedding to ensure everything, and everyone is in place and on schedule - from set-up to tear-down, and everything in between. I work with the venue, I work with vendors, and whatever problems that arise I find a solution. If the day is smooth for the vendors, then it will be smooth for the couple, which is why having a singular person responsible for ensuring this is so important.

All-in-all, weddings for me are a lot of fun! Even though I might be running around to get things done, you will always see me running with a smile on my face! Weddings are beautiful, weddings are memorable, wedding are special – and I treat each wedding I work as just that.

So if you have any questions about weddings or my services, give me a call! I am here for ya'!

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