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Did you say.... Outdoor Wedding?

Weddings are a very magical moment, and in Colorado couples love to have the magic happen outdoors. And why not?! We got the mountains, we got the trees, we got everything beautiful under the sun!

Location: Twin Lakes

I mean, look at these locations found all over Colorado and tell me you wouldn't want to get married here! Truely, when it comes to having your ceremony outside it can really feel like magic.

Location: Maroon Bells

But no matter how great the location is, all outdoor ceremonies come with a BIG risk........ bad weather. Weather is the single unpredictable, and uncontrolable thing that can make or break an outdoor wedding - which is why it is so important to BE PREPARED. How, you ask? With a backup plan. Let me say that one more time.


Let me give you a very good example.....

Back in early September of 2019 I coordinated a wedding at the beatiful Denver Botanic Garden at Chatfield Farms. A month prior to the wedding the Bride and Groom, caterer, and I attended the venue walkthrough and were so thrilled to see the beauty of their space and envisioning the layout. Their Open-Air Chapel is AMAZING.

Location: Denver Botanic Garden Chatfield Farm Open-Air Chapel

One week prior to the event the couple and I started monitoring the forecast. Now, if you live in Colorado you know that a chance of rain could mean anything from a lite 5 minute drizzle to a down poor with thunderstorms and lighting. We certainly hoped for the best, but decided to come up with a back-up plan just in case. Fortunately, reception was already booked in the White Stable of Denver Botanic Garden Chatfield Farm.

Location: Denver Botanic Garden Chatfield Farm White Stable

Although the couple was concerned of space and the time needed to flip the room from ceremony to reception I worked with them to come up with a game plan. Based on the original floorplan for reception I was able to create a back-up floorplan to accommodate for an indoor wedding, but also make flipping the space from ceremony to reception as easy as possible. Take a look at the original floorplan from the venue compare to my revised one for an indoor ceremony.

As you can see with a simple shifting of tables we were able to turn the dance floor into ceremony space. And lucky for us, this new floorplan came in very handy. The decision was made to move ceremony indoors, which worked in our favor because on the day of the wedding it downpoored! Because we were prepared in advance I was able to work with the venue and the catering team to ensure smooth set-up and transition from ceremony to reception. The day turned out to be a huge success!

So even with the hecticness of navigating around bad weather the wedding turned out beautifully and every had a wonderful time!

So what's the lesson to learn here folks? Always have a backup plan!

And as always call me for your next event, and I'll help make it Simply Exquisite! ^_^

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